Ep. 49: DVRT-The Ultimate Sandbag

DVRT (dynamic variable resistance training) is a systems based on training and stressing your body through all the planes of motion.  It introduces implements and movements that will challenge not just your stability but also your mobility through all your joints.  The implement most commonly used is the ultimate sand bag that has almost endless options to get creative with your training.

We stood up with Cory Cripe who is a Master DVRT Trainer and owner of Fitness Lying Down in La Crosse, WI and he gave us a full run down of the DVRT system.  We talk about all the applications of the system and how it can be helpful from eliminating pain, to getting strong and even increasing performance.  If you have ever been curious about training with sandbags you'll want to hear this.



Show Notes:

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1:58-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed with Cory Cripe of Fitness Lying Down and talking DVRT.


Check out our first episode with Cory Cripe and Anthony Dix of Fitness Lying Down


2:34-Cory Cripe, Master DVRT Trainer


2:45-What is DVRT? (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training)


4:22-How do you avoid the plateau your run into with working out?


5:36-Sorry about the construction noise in the background.


6:07-Getting people to the ‘sexy exercise’ and what sells but doing so in the right way and progressing them there.


7:30-Moving through all planes of motion and how much that can affect basic linear movement.


10:30-Kyle asking about aches and pain and how developing stability with DVRT can occur.


12:00-The external cue of ‘pressing through the floor’ and how many things that can help with.


12:50-Developing tension to gain mobility?  Find out more.


14:30-Not building in specific ‘correctives’ or anything because it is all built into the workout.


17:18-Task vs. intent.  What are we really trying to accomplish.


18:24-Gray Cook and the FMS.


19:42-Stabilizers aren’t meant to be strong, they are meant to response and quickly.


22:42-Movement Strength, not just strength.


25:05-The use of social media.


25:49-Having the ‘why’ behind every exercise you put in front of someone.


29:02-”You can’t solve a medical question with a fitness answer.” -Gray Cook


31:33-With the Ultimate Sandbag it’s not all about increasing the weight.  There are so many variables you can adjust prior.


33:44-DVRT Workshop in La Crosse, WI.  A precursor to the level one certification. October 13th.


37:30-Utilizing the Ultimate Sandbag in a rehabilitation setting.


DVRT Workshop

October 13th, 2018 (Saturday)

To Sign Up

FLD Facebook


FB: Cory M. Cripe

-Selling USBs at discount


39:12-A water filled USB and how that changes the workout.


39:40-Shout out to Kyle Rogers. (LINK)


Follow Up Clinically Pressed Questions

41:00-Good books lately?

    -”Spirit of the Liturgy

    -”George Lucas: A Life


42:17-If you could go back and tell yourself something from the last time we talked what would it be?  Go back and give yourself advice.

    -Social media.  Being less is more.  Say more with less.


44:34-In your world and your expertise how would you take something complicated and make it simple?

    -”Don’t be an abs-hole”


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