Ep. 20: Deuce Gym-Logan Gelbrich

Logan is a former professional baseball player and multi-time successful business owner.  He is the found of Deuce Gym and Original Nutritionals (we recommend you check out both).  In this episode Kyle got to sit down with him while the Boland's were out in California for a B!rthF!t Summit at Logan's house.

So much is covered in this episode and it isn't all training philosophy based it is so much more than that but is priceless information.  If you are struggling with a decision or what your next step might be Logan has some great insight and thought to get you going in the right direction.  Please check this one out.  Enjoy.

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Show Notes:


0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:37-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed ft. Logan Gelbrich of Deuce Gym (and Kyle doing a solo show)


1:11-Attended the B!rthF!t summit, 1st annual, hosted at his house.


2:10-A little background on Logan and how he got to where he is thus far and having a desire to go after what you want (including Major League Baseball)


5:34-Was the drive to succeed intuitive or something you were taught?


8:15-BOOK-’A Brief History of Everything


9:55-Advancing along due to finding a purpose that propelled him forward.  For your purpose you need a challenge.


14:30-Looking at baseball in another light and from a different lens.


15:15-Apologies for the plane going overhead


16:56-And another plane


17:30-Studying Business for a purpose and not just figuring it out as he went. Also his experience with ‘Leadership School’


20:35-Observing how leaders accomplish what they do and how they perform on a daily basis.  How do the ‘cutting-edge’ operate.


23:06-”Eh, pretty good” doesn’t even get you in the conversation when you’re trying do something bigger.


24:32-Not believing in a Plan B because if you don’t won’t need one if you fully believe in Plan A.


29:56-Putting all his energy into his next venture and utilizing all his potential to it and developing a fitness school.


31:56-Another plane!


34:28-Deuce Gym and Original Nutritionals and opening up an avenue to say what he wanted to say.


36:33-His thoughts and feelings on GNC….you can imagine.


37:29-The difficult never jumps out as the appealing one.


38:23-What is Original Nutritionals?


40:15-Original Nutritionals Omega-3 offerings and some of the most potent.


43:42-Planes everywhere and developing Goat based protein and developing it clean.


45:41-The fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry but there aren’t that many people that are fit.


46:00-Trusting people just a little bit more because they ‘lift’ and having that connection.


48:15-With the gym what do you strive for that sets you apart?


49:40-Getting ready for GPP (general physical preparedness) (and another plane).


53:28-Bridging the gap between basic fitness and moving towards more specific goals.


55:03-Looking at movement and treating all the movements as a skill.


56:33-What about the skill part of the equation?


57:37-Paying for coaching and structure and training.  Not just working out.


1:00:12-Starting gyms just because with no real purpose.


1:02:51-When is the book coming out?  December 1st (and Logan's Birthday!)

1:03:33-The Clinically Pressed Questions


1:03:45-Book Recommendations

    -’Mindset’-Carol Dweck


1:07:22-Most influential purchase for under $100 or less?

    -Caveman Coffee?

    -Short trips to the coffee shop and his Americano for a mini-vacation


1:08:58-If you could go back 10 years what would you tell yourself or what changes would you make?

    -Start sooner.  You’re never going to be ready.


1:10:26-Where do you see yourself going?

    -Get introspective and figure it out but overall not sure

    -Do more of the same, better.


1:13:16-Take home tips or an ask of the audience.

-”In any/every avenue in your life, the thing you need to do, or want to do, but don’t do, I need you to do that.”

-Your reasons for not doing something aren’t true.


1:15:06-And one last plane.


1:16:02-Where can people find you?

    Twitter: @FunctionalCoach

    Instagram: @FunctionalCoach

    Facebook: Logan Gelbrich






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