Ep. 9: Dan Trautman-Madison Human Performance

Dan runs Madison Human Performance along with his girlfriend and her father (a chiropractor).  He describes it as a performance clinic and they work with post injury all the way through sports performance. 

Dan is a student of performance and incorporates some unique techniques into how he works with clients/patients.  He covers the major ones here and puts down some serious knowledge.  Enjoy the episode.


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Show Notes:


0:00-Introduction and explanation of loss of video


0:36-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:14-Welcome to this road trip edition of Clinically Pressed


1:25-Let us introduce Dan Trautman


2:03-An overview of some of the ‘unusual’ techniques that Dan uses at Madison Human Performance


3:19-Transferring to La Crosse and starting down the path of strength & conditioning.


4:35-Interning with Coach Kevin Schultz


4:52-Masters in Human Performance with Dr. Glenn Wright at UW-La Crosse


5:55-Internship at UW-Madison with Jim Snider and Eric Helland


7:30-The decision to not become a collegiate strength coach


9:30-What makes Madison Human Performance unique?


10:28-MHP’s system and its all inclusive, not just single serve.


11:12-The ‘ARP Wave’ and everything it does.


12:00-The genesis of ‘direct current and what it all does


12:21-BOOK: ‘The Body Electric


14:55-Muscle injury. How it happens and how the ARP Wave can help fix it.


17:10-Retraining the nervous system to its original state with movement patterns.


18:25-Adrian Peterson and his ACL rehab


20:15-Do you use it for performance or just for treatments overall?  But first a quick break.

20:36-Back and jumping into sports performance with the ARP Wave.


22:45-ARP Wave training you to be in the right spot at the right time and doing so with a large amount of force while giving your body a default ‘best’ position to fall back on while in sport.


24:15-Finding the ‘hotspots’ or areas of restriction and getting those to release. VIDEO: AJ's Treatment


26:35-Could you train just with the ARP Wave?


27:05-Postural Restoration (PRI)


28:36-There is no end all for treatment option that will fix everything.  Just more tools in the toolbox.


30:11-New ACL surgery by implanting a graft to help allow both ends of the ACL to regrow.


32:35-What is the process with new patients?  (And this is where we lose our first video feed)


34:31-Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)


35:06-Another quick break and We’re Back (with video again for awhile)


35:51-Michael Yessis 1x20 program


36:07-BOOK: The Revolutionary 1x20 Program


37:26-How the 1x20 program works.


40:15-The production of lactate and other biochemicals when completing so many reps.


41:40-Bryan Mann and Power Ranges for Tendo Units


43:15-Keeping it interesting and how the 1x20 program adjusts


45:40-The importance of working within multiple planes


46:30-Extreme isometrics and ‘restructuring the body’


47:11-And we lost video feed again, sorry everyone.


47:48-Extreme isometric exercises: split squat, push up position, wall squat, pull-up hold, dip.


49:48-Fascial adjustments when reaching 4-5 minutes of constant load.

50:19-Blood flow restriction training (occlusion training).  ARTICLE: Blood Flow Restriction Training


53:30-Using extreme isometrics for movement training and anything strength benefits are a secondary bonus.


54:05-Flywheel inertial training and the promotion of Type IIx fiber type training.


The Clinically Pressed Questions


56:18-What is something you believe that others may not?

    -Everyone needs to sprint.  It is the most functional human movement anyone can do.

    -The more you learn the more you realize you don’t know.

    -Critically think and question everything but don’t be self-righteous and cynical about it.


59:13-What is your most influential “fitness” purchase for under $100?

    -Trap Bar (or hex bar)

    -BOOK: Molecular Exercise Physiology-Routledge


101:23-What you go back and tell yourself in your education/training if you could go back 5-10 years?

     -Training: Don’t play on injuries. 

     -Education: Take the hard sciences earlier in your academic career.  It will be worth it in the long run.


102:40-In closing

    Madison Human Performance

    3510 Parmeter St. Middleton, WI

    P: 608-225-5465


    Schedule by appointment


103:30-Let the credits roll


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