Ep. 34: CrossFit Games Lessons



We had the opportunity to head down to Madison, WI to check out the CrossFit Games and also get some fantastic interviews with incredible people (coming soon).  In this short episode Kyle and Joel sit down and recap what we got out of the trip and some of the things we observed and lessons learned.

It was such an incredible thing to witness the dedication everyone has to the lifestyle and to the community.  We would find it hard to believe the there is a community out there that is much stronger than the CrossFit community.  Check out some of our highlights in this discussion from the games.


-CP Pod Squad

Show Notes:

0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media” Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:37-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed


0:45-Shout out to Cabin Coffee and the La Crosse Wellness Center.


1:29-Wouldn’t it be nice to attend the games next year?  We will be trying.


1:49-Rogue Fitness and their sponsorship and partnership with the Games.


2:14-Kill Cliff taking over the Coliseum Bar and Rogue taking over State Street Brats.


4:00-Joel’s observations: the community in unbelievable.

    Total Athletic Therapy Article: What Being at the CrossFit Games Taught Me


4:21-Shout out to Paul Schecklman of Paragon Fitness & Nutrition for hosting everyone.


5:23-”Let’s Fitness”


6:40-If only cheese and butter were paleo.


7:53-CrossFit realizing things may have gone to far on the weightlifting end of the spectrum that they had so many different events this year.


10:47-The dedication to what people have to do with their lives in order to still train at an extremely high level.

    -Kelly Wild: Team Timberwolf

    -Tory Dyson: 22 and competing with the highest level

-Eamon: Working, owning a gym and running a fitness series (sorry for the mispronunciation of your name.

    -Cogen: What the sport of CrossFit has done for him.


13:30-We highly recommend everyone checking it out in some capacity.


14:20-Shout out to Paragon Fitness and Nutrition and the Pauls. www.paragonfn.com


14:55-Coming soon, big things with Paragon.


15:22-Thank you Madtown Fitness for letting us check out the gyms.


16:20-Thanks for listening and have great day.


16:36-Let the Credits Rolls.


16:51-Kyle with the outro.

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