We didn't start out trying to get actively involved with CrossFit but wow, in hindsight are we glad we did. There are some amazing people in the CrossFit community and we have had the opportunity to interact with several of them and not only learn a lot but create some great relationships. Enjoy these episodes.

Ep. 7: Paul Scheckelman-CrossFit

Paul does a little bit of everything but a few of them are very big things.  Not only is he a firefighter and EMS he is also a top ranked CrossFit athlete (#3 among firefighters) and on top of that he is sponsored by Dynamic Physiotherapy and Coulee Health.  All around he is kind of a badass.


This episode we cover everything CrossFit and he addresses a lot of the misconceptions that are out there.  This is a great episode and asnwers so many questions with so much information provided.  Enjoy.


-CP Crew

Ep. 16: John Swanson-The Granite Games

John Swanson is a busy man.  Not only does he own his own gym at CrossFit Fast Factory but he is also the creator and CEO of the Granite Games.  In this episode we get a full run down of how the Games got started and why he believes it has grown to what it has over the years.  To give you an idea it started at 49 athletes and has grown to over 13,000+ with registration closing filling up in under 5 seconds.  This requires so much to bring together and set up for some incredible performances.  

John tells us all about how much effort he has to put into the games and how it goes from year to year.  It is a fascinating story and one hell of an event and this episode gives an amazing inside look at how it all comes together.  Check it out.


-CP Pod Squad

Ep. 34: CrossFit Games Lessons

We had the opportunity to head down to Madison, WI to check out the CrossFit Games and also get some fantastic interviews with incredible people (coming soon).  In this short episode Kyle and Joel sit down and recap what we got out of the trip and some of the things we observed and lessons learned.

It was such an incredible thing to witness the dedication everyone has to the lifestyle and to the community.  We would find it hard to believe the there is a community out there that is much stronger than the CrossFit community.  Check out some of our highlights in this discussion from the games.


-CP Pod Squad

Ep. 36: Kelly Wild

This is our first episode from our trip to the CrossFit Games in Madison and it was a great one.  Kelly Wild is a member of Team Timberwolf and also a Paragon Fitness sponsored athlete.  Kelly has competed at the highest level in both Division 1 hockey and now in the team competition within CrossFit.  She's doing all that while getting through physical therapy school.  Oh and she manages all of this along with type I diabetes.

This is a great episode and there is a lot of interesting discussion on CrossFit and its evolution to how to manage a busy life and still compete on the hight levels not only in athletics but in your daily life.

-CP Pod Squad

Ep. 42: Tori Dyson-Training to be the Best

We got to stand up and have a great conversation with Tori Dyson.  Tori is a CrossFit athlete that is training out of CrossFit New England.  If you're new to CrossFit (as we are/were) then you should know CrossFit New England is one of the top boxes in the country.  They have some of the best and fittest athletes in the country and Tori is no exception.

Starting out as a life long gymnast that found her way into CrossFit early in college and she hasn't turned back.  She has competed at the highest levels of team competition and now is making the jump to individual and already showing signs of being a force to recon with.  We had a great time hearing about the levels that it takes to achieve the goals she has set.  Great episode and we learned a ton.  Check it out.