Ep. 12: Corey Campbell-Omaha Spine & Sport

This was our first interview on our trip to Omaha and Lawrence.  We stopped at Omaha Sport & Spine and talked with Corey Campbell (owner).  Corey has done so much in the chiropractic world and is constantly evolving.  He has been a mentor for years and teachs along with serving on the board for Motion Palpation Institute.

We talk about patient care in this episode along with a lot of great philosophies for young and upcoming young professionals.  Well worth the watch and check them out if you are in the Omaha area.

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Show Notes:


0:00-Welcome to this episode and Introduction.  First episode from our road trip.


0:55-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:31-Welcome to this episode with Corey Campbell (Kyle’s first seminar instructor)


2:12-Watch out the for state patrol in Iowa, they are everywhere.


2:24-Corey’s big on Motion Palpation Institute, also utilizes Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization


3:50-Getting involved in Motion Palpation Institute and also checking out Active Release Technique (ART) and Graston


4:29-Stuart McGill (BOOK)


5:16-How Corey sees the chiropractic profession and where everyone kind of falls.


7:50-The alphabet soup of certifications.


8:46-”Art vs. Science”-TAT Article


9:13-”You can’t change function in two weeks”


9:46-”Patient care is making a connect on a right brain level not a left brain level.” Not just throwing out ‘evidence based’ information.


12:15-Taking what you can out of courses and not bad mouthing people with other ideas.


13:03-Using FMS and SFMA to help with evaluation and finding ways to build useful things into your practice.


14:58-Kyle’s SIRI wanted to say “Hi”


17:15-Growing Omaha Spine & Sport to have rehab specialists to help out with patient treatment.


19:13-Getting people to feel the contraction that you want them to in order to help establish a neural connection for that movement.


20:28-Isolation vs. global work, does one come before the other?


22:30-Priming before even warming up.


24:03-EXOS Performance and building FMS results into Pillar and Movement Prep.


26:10-Interprofessional relationships and checking your ego at the door.  Could we work together better to produce better results?


27:32-”Once you think you have it mastered you tend to be on the downward slope.”


29:24-The diagnostic ability that is available to you in your hands.


31:26-The things you need for good manipulation is palpation and speed.


33:00-Thoughts on preventative care and possibly insurance moving to that model?


34:20-Chiropractic care can be cheaper with the way that medical care is going.


37:15-Body Comp vs. Weight and BMI (TAT Article)


38:02-South Park episode “The Pyramid is Upside Down


39:24-The Clinically Pressed Questions


39:42-Influential fitness purchase for $100 or less

    -Rehab: Resistance Loops (Mini bands)

    -Rehab: Foam Rollers (one more time)

    -Rehab/Fitness: Exercise Balls

    -Fitness: “Monster Bands”

    -Fitness: TRX Trainer


41:11-Gymnastic Bodies Training


41:20-What is something believe that others may not?

    -Presence has power in the clinic (and life)

    -The power of your hands for diagnostics and the healing capabilities.

    -There is a lot to grit and persistence.

    -Struggle is part of the process and too many people quit too early.

    -Easy never made great.


45:28-”The Power of Now” (BOOK)

    Manifest Your Destiny (BOOK)

    The Charge (BOOK)

    Motivation Manifesto

    Raving Fans

    Talent is Overrated

    Start with Why

    How Successful People Think

    Good to Great

    Happiness Advantage

    Before Happiness


46:08-What takes home tips do you have?

    -Write down your goals….with a pen.

    -Write things in your schedule that will make you stop what you are doing to complete them (it is in the research)

    -Don’t dwell on numbers.

    -Develop systems.  Everything should have a system except for patient care.


49:49-Being effective and productive vs. just being active.


50:06-What information would you tell yourself in training/education if you could go back 10-15 years?

    -Be disciplined in building your own practice.

    -Study and learn function and not everyone with be fixed in 4-6 visits, nothing is wrong with 12-15 times.


53:45-In Closing

    -Omaha Spine & Sport (Omaha, NE)

    -Facebook: Omaha Spine & Sport

    -Twitter: Omaha Spine & Sport


If you haven’t been to a chiropractor they do more than necks and backs and tackle the things others don’t want to tackle.


54:57-Let the credits roll.


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