General Wellness

There are many ways you can take care of yourself and find wellness. What is important is finding what works best for you. These interviews highlight a lot of different aspects of wellness that one can focus on to find what works for them in their journey to health, wellness, and fitness. There are some great minds talking about what they are passionate about and how it can benefit you in your own wellness journey.

Ep. 19: Journey Active

Journey Active is a new type of health and fitness business in the La Crosse area and their story is very unique.  We got the chance to talk to the husband and wife founders Kevin and Devan Weis before they opened their doors on October 31st.  

It is a very interesting concept and breaks the mold when you compare it to most gyms or fitness centers that you think of and they focus on more than just getting you to get strong and lose weight (which happen in the process).  These two are very impressive and we can't wait to see where they go and follow up with an episode later.  Enjoy.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 30: Harrison Pollack-Uptown Cycle

Harrison is always on the cutting edge of the fitness industry and is one of the top personal trainers in the La Crosse area.  He takes an innovative and uncommon approach when working with clients that isn't just about getting a hard workout in.  There is a much larger focus on the entire health and wellness of the client.

We got to sit down with Harrison and talked about everything mobility, health and fitness.  We also got into some other areas around motivation and worth ethic and Harrison has some incredible insights into those areas.  He is quite the professional with new ventures in the La Crosse area.  Check it out and Enjoy!

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 32: Fitness Lying Down

Fitness Lying Down takes a very unique approach to improving your overall fitness and they make it fun at the same time.  The focus of FLD is movement first.  Gone are a lot of the traditional movements with barbells and dumbbells (you won't find them in their facility) and those are replaced with bands, kettle bells and most importantly, the ultimate sand bag.

Anthony and Cory have spent a lot of time thinking about what they wanted to accomplish with FLD and it shows and is highly effective.  Not only will they get you moving better and mastering movements, they will get you in shape and have a great time while you are doing it.  Check out some of the great information they have to share.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 55: Riverside Corporate Wellness

Riverside Corporate Wellness is based in La Crosse, WI and has set a standard when it comes to a comprehensive program to address the entire person.  We get into talking about how the program is set up and everything that RCW does.  From their in-house physician to all the 'alternative' therapies that are offered for people that might benefit them we cover them all.

They focus not only on the 'once you're sick' side of health but offer training and programs to help people get healthy before they have issues through traditional strength training, yoga and other options.  Pair that with an in-house dietitian to help you fine tune your nutrition and you don't have to go anywhere else.  Check out this episode for ideas to apply to work and life.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 63: Reiki Master-Shannon Amberg

On this episode we have Shannon Amberg PhD and Reiki Master. This is the first of two episodes with Shannon as we try and scratch the surface fo what Reiki is and how energy healing works. We get into asking a lot of questions as Joel is relatively skeptical (even when trying not to be) when it comes to the body and energy and someones ability to actually read that energy.

Shannon does a great job breaking down what it is all about and how it can benefit everyone in one way or another.  There are some extremely interesting connections and ideas that you can come away with when you really listen to the ideas behind energy and how it runs our worlds. Check it out.


Ep. 64: Reiki Part Deux

We didn't get to everything we wanted to cover in part one so we definitely needed a round two in order to go deeper into the practice of Reiki. We talk in more depth on what it is like for Shannon to be this medium and how she came to know that she had the ability to help people on this level. 

Shannon gives a great insight into what it is like for her to work with people and see what they are going through in their life by the energy (or lack there of) that they are putting out through their body. This is fascinating and opens up a whole new world to thinking about healing pain and problems that someone might be dealing with. As always, check it out.