Clinical Practice

Clinical practice is at the foundation of what we do and ultimately on the impact of the listener or patient. This is where everything comes along with the topics we cover and gets put into practice. These episodes highlight things and people that can directly help people get to where they want to be when it comes to health.

Ep. 1: Misconceptions, Misinformation and Tips to Help

Welcome to our first episode.  We wanted to start off by introducing ourselves and then getting into some of the misconceptions and misinformation we always hear and what you can do to help with them.  Its hard to keep it all straight and we do our best to keep it simple, bring it back to the basics.  Leave a comment on YouTube if you have a question or just want to talk about it.  We hope you enjoy Episode 1.

-CP Crew

Ep. 14: Cait Larsen-Dynamic Physio

Cait is just that Dynamic and the name of her PT service fits her perfectly.  She does a little bit (or a lot) of everything. Not only running her own pay-for-service PT group, being a mother of two, a constant learner and helping coach UWL Track she does it all at top level.  

She throws a lot of information in this episode and it can be helpful to almost anyone.  We talk the transition to the LWC and some of the big things she sees in the world of health and performance and how they could be addressed.  Check it all out in this episode.  Enjoy.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 26: Gary Reinl-The Anti-Ice Man

Ever put a bag of ice on a bump, bruise or injury? Have you ever really ever thought about why you put ice on it?  Could you actually be doing more harm than good and has research backed the use of ice up? What is the clinical evidence or reasoning for doing so?  Could it decrease performance?

Gary Reinl is on a mission to show us all why icing is an illusion and something that has been done for far too long and really for no good or evidence backed reason at all.  We challenge you to listen and really challenge the ideas you've had when it comes to this argument on using ice or not.  Do we do it because we always have?  Could we do something better?  Should we?  Check it all out in the episode.  Enjoy.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 37: Mental Health & Athletes

This is actually an episode we filmed on our way down to the CrossFit Games and it was a top we are all very interested in.  Mental health in athletes is growing to be a huge topic in the world of athlete health and sports performance.  Many highly competitive programs are moving to the forefront of mental health and mental performance.


We discuss a lot of the things we have been hearing that are coming out by the top names in the industry and just how important it is.  There is so much that can be affected by your health and especially the mental aspect.  Not only can it play a huge part in your quality of your life but everything when it comes to your performance.  Check out our thoughts in this episode.


Ep. 60: Interprofessional Collaboration-DC & ATC

In this episode Kyle and Joel sit down and talk about interprofessional collaboration. We specifically talk about about how chiropractors and athletic trainers can collaborate to achieve the best outcomes possible for the athletes/patients that they are seeing. We get into the process of how people should get together and approach working together and how to maximize each others skill sets.

At the heart of it we believe it is so important to respect each others fields and know that there are different types of practitioners within their own discipline.  This is huge when you are finding people to compliment your skill set and provide the best care.  Check it out.


Ep. 66: Xtreme Footwerks

Shawn started working with orthotics and helping people correct issues they had after his own need to realign his body. Shawn has gone through quite the journey to get to where he is but it has bene worth it and the information that he puts out and the customization that he is able to give each patient is impressive.


In this episode we cover why Shawn started Xtreme Footwerks as well as we get into some of the conditions that he commonly deals with. Shawn gives us a quick overview of common conditions that he sees and what exactly he is looking for when someone comes to see him. We were definitely blown away.


Ep. 70: Athletic Training & Youth Sport

Protecting our youth athletes isn't a simple task. With so many things going on and pressures from coaches coming from all directions to make sure that they are putting all their effort into that sport or that team. It is important for parents, coaches and others to look out for these athletes and make sure that we aren't overworking our young athletes.

This is where the role of the athletic trainer can be huge. These professionals can help make sure an athlete takes some down time to let their body recovery. At the same time they can spot trends to prevent chronic injury for a youth athlete. Check it out.


Ep. 72: Josh McLain-The Croc Doc

On our traveling tour of the Twin Cities with CP Ambassador Eric Twohey we got to talk with Josh McLain DPT. Josh works out of a very high level wrestling academy and functional fitness gym. Along with that Josh owns Ninja Anywhere which is a traveling Ninja Warrior course that you can try your best at and see how you stack up against some of the best. 


In this episode we talk about physical medicine and therapy and how it can be so beneficial to people and that just because an injury occurs doesn’t mean it is the end of the world. Josh explains that there are so many things you can do and work on when it comes it comes to exercises to get started on the process back to health and it isn’t always a complete shut down and reboot. Great information in this episode and some fantastic take aways. Enjoy.