Being that one of the founders of the podcast, Kyle Boland DC, is a chiropractor we knew we were going to have connections to all kinds of high level professionals in this field. We have had the ability to meet some amazing clinicians and discuss what they do for their practice and how they approach patient health and care. There is so much to take away from these episodes whether you're a patient or a clinician.

Ep. 12: Corey Campbell-Omaha Spine & Sport

This was our first interview on our trip to Omaha and Lawrence.  We stopped at Omaha Sport & Spine and talked with Corey Campbell (owner).  Corey has done so much in the chiropractic world and is constantly evolving.  He has been a mentor for years and teachs along with serving on the board for Motion Palpation Institute.

We talk about patient care in this episode along with a lot of great philosophies for young and upcoming young professionals.  Well worth the watch and check them out if you are in the Omaha area.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 17: TJ Hackler-Professional ART

TJ is a chiropractor in the Kansas City area and has done the full spectrum when it comes to being an athlete and now treating athletes. He was a DI college high jumper and has worked with Kansas Track & Field and now currently has worked with the Kansas City Chiefs (well for the last 7-8 years).

TJ got introduced to chiropractic and Active Release Technique (ART) as a student athlete and now is instructing courses through the group.  He is a wealth of knowledge and and has worked with some of the best athletes in the world.  Check out everything he has to say in this episode.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 22: Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS)

This was a trip Kyle and Joel took to a Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Level 1 course hosted by Midwest Rehabilitation Institute.  After the first day we got to sit down with the instructor Brett Winchester and host Alex Earl and cover all kinds of topics.

We discussed more behind DNS and how both of them have utilized it in their practice and seen it evolve.  We also talk about how both Brett and Alex have continued to learn but also made a conscious effort to work on being the best at what they do and what that takes.  This is a great episode if you're looking to up your game in any area.  Check it out.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 28: Alex Earl-Midwest Rehabilitation Institute

Continuing education is a huge pillar that the CP PodSquad believes in deeply and Alex Earl is someone who provides just that and he is good at it.  Alex is the owner and operator of Midwest Rehabilitation Institute which provides continuing education courses for chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers and anyone else trying to improve their skills.  His courses range from clinical based, wellness and as always performance.

In this episode we sit down with Alex and talk about how it all got started and all of what MWRI is all about.  We cover the classes including DNS (and Alex's trip to Prague) and the other courses he offers.  If you want to improve your skill set we highly recommend checking them out.  Find discounts to courses in September in the show notes.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 54: Omaha Spine & Sport

In this episode we follow up with Corey Campbell of Omaha Spine and Sport and are also joined by Jace Peters.  We talk about a whole lot of ideas and one of the main ones was 'clinical success' vs 'business success'.  They don't have to be mutually exclusive but you can get lost chasing business success and lose sight on focusing on the patient.  Both guys give great tips on how to stay engaged with your patient and help them get the best outcomes.

We also get into some of the thought leaders that both Jace and Corey follow and utilize in their daily lives to keep them grounded to keep doing things the best they can.  Great ideas to implement into your life out of this one.  Check it out.


Ep. 56: The Vagicians

We sat down with 'The Vagicians' Jill O'Brien (PT) of O'Brien Physical Therapy and Erica Boland (DC) of Coulee Health.  They both are in BirthFit Wisconsin and we talked about all things involving women's health and not just around pregnancy.  We discuss how they have teamed up to utilize each others skills when it comes to maximizing the results for the patient and getting them the best care and outcomes.

If you have any interest in women's health and caring for them all the time and encompassing the entire birth process you should look no further to get ideas of how you an be a part of that magical process.  Highly recommend checking it out for anyone as well, even if it scares you a little bit.


Ep. 61: Justin Dean, DC

Justin Dean DC is a chiropractor that has done a lot in his career thus far. He has collaborated on "Fix Your Back" which is a website that helps the everyday person with back pain systematically work through your own pain and treat it at home. He has also worked on the development of the 'Dermal Traction Method (DTM)' which is a novel technique to resolve diffuse pain in basically any part of the body. We dove into what DTM is and how Dr. Dean has implemented it in his practice.

That led us into Dr. Dean's work with Altis which is one of the best training facilities for elite level track athletes. He outlines what it takes to work with athletes of that level and how he used all his skills, including DTM, to maximize their workouts and keep them healthy throughout the entire process. Lots of good information to take away from this episode.

Dr. Justin is a Chiropractor in Los Angeles and the owner Operator of Dean's Sports Therapy


Ep. 65: Performance Place-Dr. Seb Gonzales

Dr. Sebastian Gonzales runs his clinic, the Performance Place and his own podcast, Restoring Human Movement. With that Dr. Gonzales has done a lot in terms of educating not only patients but clinicians. We get into some of the deeper details of what it took Dr. Gonzales to break down the data and information and apply it to blanket injuries.

Dr. Gonzales did a great job breaking down the information and trying to make it accessible to everyone while it stays effective. Whether you're a clinician or a patient this is a great episode that you will get something out of that you can apply to your daily life.


Ep. 74: Kyle Boland, DC-Functional Medicine

CP Host Kyle Boland, DC has spent the last year+ going through a functional medicine program through the Kresser Institute. Through this training Kyle is hoping to bring another level of evaluation and care to the patients he sees. Through functional medicine there is an opportunity to really work down to the core of what is causing the problem someone is experiencing.


In this episode, Kyle tells us exactly what functional medicine is and where it fits within the spectrum of traditional medical care. From there Kyle gives us a preview of what he is using functional medicine for with his patients and how it is complimenting his current chiropractic care with patients. Lots of good information in this episode and may open some thoughts to looking into functional medicine.