We've had the ability to meet some incredible people in our time doing these episodes and the lessons we learned don't always fit into nutrition, wellness, clinical and performance. These people have a unique and insightful perspective on life and provide some thoughts that were truly impactful on us and we hope you take as much out of them as we did.

Ep. 20: Deuce Gym-Logan Gelbrich

Logan is a former professional baseball player and multi-time successful business owner.  He is the found of Deuce Gym and Original Nutritionals (we recommend you check out both).  In this episode Kyle got to sit down with him while the Boland's were out in California for a B!rthF!t Summit at Logan's house.

So much is covered in this episode and it isn't all training philosophy based it is so much more than that but is priceless information.  If you are struggling with a decision or what your next step might be Logan has some great insight and thought to get you going in the right direction.  Please check this one out.  Enjoy.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 24: RTD-Maintaining Resolutions

New Years resolutions are some of the best part of the turn over of the year.  You get a chance to start fresh, set new goals and get on the right track.  But do you have to wait for a random day to have it be the new chance to be the new you?  What happens when you get moving down the months and those new year resolutions start fading away and no longer seem like they are attainable?  

These are a couple topics we cover in this episode and talk about different ideas to stay accountable as well as strategies to not lose the resolutions to begin with.  We hope this helps everyone put it all together and continue to improve in their own health and their resolutions.

-CP PodSquad

Ep. 40: Cogen Nelson-CrossFit Saved My Life

People talk about how working out has changed their life but not a lot of people can talk about how it saved their life.  We had the great fortune of sitting down with Cogen Nelson at this past summers CrossFit Games and it was an interview we will never forget.  Cogen is a retired USMC that has gone unbelievable trials and tribulations to come out as strong as he is.


We were honored to hear Cogen’s story and how finding CrossFit gave him  renewed sense of life.  Cogen has done so much in his own life to improve and is now putting his energy into helping other veteran’s with potential problems they might face.  Such an incredible story, please check it out.


-CP PodSquad

Ep. 41: Eamon Coyne-World Series of Fitness

Eamon Coyne has been in CrossFit from the early days and been a part of the constant evolution.  Eamon owns CrossFit Pallas in New York and while he is a very good CrossFit coach and does a lot of work in the CrossFit Gymnastics he also does a lot on the business side of owning a box and a business.  Eamon does a lot with focusing on the business side and using his skill set to help out other box owners run their set ups efficiently.

We cover a lot of topics in this conversation and they range from business to working hard to accomplish what your goals are no matter what are they are in.  This was a great episode with a lot of take aways and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


-CP PodSquad

Ep. 44: Leah Misch-#YouGoGirl

Leah is a resident of La Crosse Wisconsin and has a fantastic story about overcoming so much in her own live when it comes to health and wellness.  Leah is a nurse that found her life at a turning point in her life and we got to hear the entire story about what made her turn her life to where she wanted it to go.

Along with that Leah does so many things now to help promote health and wellness.  This includes riding her motorcycle all over the country to different events all the while working online to help people achieve their goals.  This is a great story and we were honored to be able to sit down and listen to it all and also to collaborate with Leah on a couple project in the La Crosse area.  Please be sure to check it out!