Practicing at some of the highest levels of medicine, physicians can be such a fantastic source of information, especially when it comes to speciality medicine. These guests bring unique insight into what they do and how medicine can impact you not only when you're sick or injured but to optimize health and performance.

Ep. 67: Dr. Shernan Holtan-Frail to Fit

Dr. Shernan Holtan is a hematologist and oncologist at the University of Minnesota medical center. Dr. Holtan is taking a new approach to the care and rehabilitation to patients that are recovering from cancer treatment. In a pilot study, "Frail to Fit", the results showed how beneficial a targeted program can be to help people regain control in their life and get back to what they want to do.

Not only does Dr. Holtan use exercise on a research and patient basis she has found her passion and calling with powerlifting and is competition to continue to push herself in her own fitness. This is a great episode highlighting the power of exercise. Check it out.


Ep. 69: Dr. Jake Erickson-Youth Sport Injury

Youth sports injuries happen, it's part of the game. Many of those injuries can be reduced or prevented with smart training and monitoring training loads. In this episode we sat down with Dr. Jake Erickson, a sports medicine physician in La Crosse, WI. Dr. Erickson details how overuse in youth injuries can have significant negative effects on a growing body.

Dr. Erickson gives some simple and practical steps that both youth and parents can use to help protect youth athletes. These steps include basic, solid training along with monitoring how many hours athletes are being active.