We believe research is one of the cornerstones of nutrition, wellness, and clinical care. It helps answer questions and drive things forward to find the best options to help with all kinds of areas that clinicians can apply to the people they serve. This area is constantly growing and one we will continue to feature as we move into the future.

Ep. 45: EBP to Snake Oil and Everything in Between

The world seems to have to be polarized these days and you have to be on you extreme or the other in order to get noticed and grab attention.  That ranges from being completely based in the evidence to selling anything that could potential have an 'effect' (i.e. snake oil).  As a provider and/or consumer what should you do with this?  What should you believe?

In this episode we talk about what everything means when it comes to these areas and our thoughts on it.  We don't think it is a bad thing to have a continuum on this scale and potentially be a 'jack of all trades'.  We throw out some ideas and things you can use to make sure you don't get taken or end up not doing anything at all.


Ep. 48: Catching up with Andy Askow

Andy Askow was our first interview on Clinically Pressed and it has been all downhill from there.  We have had the fortune to get to know Andy and follow him career through powerlifting and academics.  Now with Andy back up north to hang out for the weekend we wanted to sit down and have a conversation to see where he is at, where he is going and what the future has in store.

Andy has made a lot of transitions both in the sport of lifting heavy weights as well as having new goals in school and in research.  Big things happening and you can catch up on it all in this conversation we had with Andy Askow.


Ep. 62: CBD Oil-Paragon Recovery

CBD Oil has taken the health and wellness industry by storm. You can can find it everywhere. Our friends at Paragon Recovery decided to get in the game and do CBD Oil right. That includes doing their very own distillation of it to make sure it is as pure as you can get it (check out their Instagram). 

We sat down with Paul Schecklman to discuss what exactly CBD Oil is and how it can benefit you in your recovery. We get deep into some of the uses for it and exactly how it is working with your body to provide benefits that the industry is just starting to understand. If you have questions on it, this is a great resource to start with.