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Can't find everything you need to know on YouTube?

Try getting a hold of us directly either by phone or Google Hangout!

The PodSquad at Clinically Pressed consists of people that work in environments where we apply each day everything we talk about on the Podcasts.  We don't just talk about this information from time to time, we live it each day and work with people of all types and abilities as we share this information.

We do our best to give as much of it away as we can through the TAT Blog, the Podcast, and the YouTube channel but sometimes that might not be enough or leaves questions unanswered. 

We want to do our best to help you as much as we can and so we are happy to offer one-on-one consultations with a Clinically Pressed PodSquad member to get all your specific questions answered.

The Basics of Healthy Living without Hating Life

w/ Joel Luedke MSe, ATC/L, CISSN

Weight Loss 101

w/ Dr. Andrew Jagim CSCS, CISSN

Adding Resistance Training to Your Training

w/ Joel Luedke MSe, ATC/L, XPS, USAW

My Back Hurts, Please Help

w/ Kyle Boland DC

Basic Core Training and How It Applies to Life

w/ Kyle Boland DC

Living an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

w/ Kyle Boland DC

Making Mobility Matter

w/ Kyle Boland DC or 

Joel Luedke MSe, ATC/L 

General Injury and Rehab Consults

w/ Kyle Boland DC or

Joel Luedke MSe, ATC/L

All consult times are scheduled for Central Standard Time Zone.

Consults or via phone or through Google Hangout*

*We would be happy to record the conversation and process it for your for you to refer back to at any time for $5.00.

Have a general question you want answered by the CP PodSquad?  Check out our question submission page HERE (link)