Ep. 15: Coach Mike Schmidt-UWL Football

Coach Mike Schmidt is the new head football coach at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  Not only is he a heck of a coach he is quite enteraining as well and will tell you exactly what he is thinking. 


We cover a lot in this episode including how everything has unfolded over the past coupld months as he has moved into his new role and how he has handled the transition.  We also cover what Coach Schmidt looks for when he is recruiting and how he evaluates talent.  All of this leads to trying to create the best performance possible on the field.  This episode is highly entertaining and we look forward to seeing how the UWL Football team performs in this upcoming season.


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Show Notes:


SIDE NOTE: Here is a link to Coach Schmidt's TEDx Talk on Perceptions of a Coach

0:00-To start things off Coach Schmidt calls out Joel on his ‘beard game’


0:30-Facial hair and how it goes along with your life….yep at that time.


1:03-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:40-Welcome to this episode with Coach Mike Schmidt


2:14-A quick history of Coach Schmidt’s injury history.


4:30-The story of ‘broken ribs’


5:40-His coaching career and experience.


8:10-What’s that moment like when you find out you get the job?


10:22-What’s your to do list when you first show up?


16:48-How was spring ball?


19:45-How has it been to come in and set the culture?


22:15-A quick intermission and the 2016 UW-La Crosse Football Schedule


22:35-And we are back.  And how did you find Coach Jake Landry?


24:40-Breakdown of the UWL Coaching Staff


29:18-The competitiveness of Coach Landry.


32:48-What the UWL Football Offense will look like


34:21-”Everything we do is repetition with these guys.”


38:03-UWL Football’s German Professional Coach on staff and maybe help get Oktoberfest to where it needs to be in La Crosse.


42:46-”Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and what happened to that show? (It still exists)


44:17-A summary of the Schmidt family.


46:20-How the interview process went and did the energy come through?


47:51-”In a van down by the river


47:28-Becoming the pinnacle of Division III Football


50:59-Recruiting right when you got here and how that all worked.


57:04-Utilizing the City of La Crosse when it comes to recruiting.


59:15-The Clinically Pressed Questions


59:18-What is something you might believe that others may not?

    -Something about those players with the mindset to always wanting to be doing more.


1.03:15-Most influential purchase for under $100 that has been most influential in your life.

    -Crock Pot

    -Shout out to Coach Schultz


1.04:47-Coach Schmidt’s former career as a barista


1.05:34-Favorite Books

    -”Lead for God’s Sake

    -”The 1% Solution

    -”The Seven C’s of Winning in the Locker room

    -”Five Gears


1.07:30-What information would you go back and tell yourself if you could go back 5-7 years?

    -Stay in the Java industry….maybe.  A guest appearance at Moka.

    -Live in the moment of what you are doing and have some separation to accomplish that.


1.12:24-In closing where can people find you.

    Twitter: UWL FB

    Twitter: Coach Mike Schmidt

    Facebook: UWL Football

    Youtube: UWL Football

And let the credits roll.


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