Ep. 31: Coach Dave Malecek-Wrestling Life

Coach Malecek has run the entire spectrum when it comes to the wrestling life.  Coming out of Osage, IA Coach Malecek wrestled some of the highest level of high school wrestling in the country.  From there he went on the wrestle at Northern Iowa against some of the best in the country in the NCAA.

Coach Malecek has been coaching for many years since and the success has continued.  And on top of all of that he runs the largest team wrestling camp in the country.  We got to sit down with Coach and talk about everything from wrestling practice/training, recruiting, and how he has continued to live a healthy life and pass that on to everyone around him.  This is a great episode with a lot of information to apply to your life.


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Show Notes:

0:00-Introduction to this episode with Coach Dave Malecek.


0:32-Check out Malecek Team Camp next week (June 26th) on Track Wrestling


0:50-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media” Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:31-Please allow us to introduce head wrestling coach at UW-La Crosse, Coach Malecek.


2:03-Coach Malecek the new podcast junkie.


3:46-Wrestling at Osage High School in Iowa and the tradition that brings.


5:25-A ten day span of Coach Malecek’s life that changed everything for him.


7:57-How atmosphere can make a huge difference in the experience.


10:02-Promoting scoring and coaching it to you team to make sure that is what you are pushing for.


11:55-Practicing what you preach when it comes to your health. And making choices.


13:36-Learning that all your workouts don’t have to make you sore.


16:00-Utilizing both chiropractic and sauna as a way to maintain health and recovery.


22:12-Coach Dan Gable and a new book on the benefits of saunas.


24:30-Sauna settings: 145-185degF for about 20 minutes. (and next show in the sauna)


25:56-Staying healthy and eating well during the season and with being very busy.


28:30-Setting an example for his daughters.


29:26-Best workout tool: 8 pound Maul axe


33:00-What do you look for when you’re recruiting athletes?


35:21-Looking for the ‘crazy’ in their eyes.


37:24-Helicopter parents have now moved to ‘lawnmower’ parents.


39:10-Fitting together your recruiting class puzzle and looking at the weight classes you are needing to fill.


42:47-Looking at entitlement and that it doesn’t exist.


43:34-How have you worked to keep your coaches and team motivated?

    -Why wouldn’t you want to get up and be the best?


47:32-The power of telling people you’re proud of them and what they accomplished.


48:49-Coach asks Joel what motivates him.


50:58-Starting at 100% each day, ready to go and always pushing for how good can I be?


52:42-BOOK: The Obstacle is the Way-Ryan Holiday


54:35: Balancing strength, mobility and recovery to put out a good wrestler.


56:59-Wrestling is going for a hike in the bluff, putting someone on your back and having them constantly pull on your head and neck as you’re doing it.


The Clinically Pressed Questions


58:31-What is something you believe that others may not?

    -Big Foot!

    -All the things that happen to you are because of the decisions you make.


59:24-Top 3 take home tips

    -Don’t listen to 14 year old boys.

    -Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.  Don’t let their doubt slow you down.

    -Show gratitude.


1:00.52-Most influential fitness purchase?

    -8lb Maul Axe (Fiberglass)


1:02.02-Book recommendations.

    -Quiet Strength: Tony Dungy

    -Above the Line; Urban Meyer

    -The Sacred Acre: Mark Tab


1:04.40-In your area of expertise, how would make something that is complicated, simple?

    -Consistency is going to win.

    -Shout out to ‘Way of Life’ app to keep you accountable.


1:06.49-If you could go back 10-15 years and tell yourself something, what would it be?

    -Listen to your body.

    -Improving and educating self on eating and nutrition.

    -Surround yourself with the best people you can to train.


1:08.19-Where can people find you?

    -Twitter: @davemalecek

    -Monday’s with Malecek


1:09.07-And let the credits roll


1:09.24-AJ with the closing.

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