Ep. 21: Coach John Baumann



Coach John Baumann is the strength and conditioning coach for track and field for a University you'll see in the episode.  Coach John has done a little bit of everything when it comes strength and conditioning and coaching Track & Field.  He has been able to surround himself with some of the biggest and smartest names in the industry.

JL had the opportunity to work with Coach John and learned so much from him and this was a great opportunity to catch up and learn some valuable insight.  This is a great episode and everyone can take something away and we were very fortunate to get this time with Coach John Baumann.


-CP Pod Squad

Show Notes:

0:00-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:37-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed ft. Coach John Baumann, Strength & Conditioning Coach to Kansas Track & Field


1:13: Some background on Coach John


2:14: Focusing on the strength part as most of track practice is the conditioning portion.


3:11-Developing George Mason Track & Field and a lot of Olympians.


4:45-Recruiting and working with Nick Miller


5:00-Working at KU with Track & Field currently.


6:30-Balancing certifications vs. the experience you pick up being in the field.


7:44-Believing in multiple variations of lifting and strength & conditioning to evolve your own philosophy.


9:46-Understanding the Energy Systems and how they work within track and field.  Focusing on recharging the battery.


12:00-Being at one of the first CrossFit Level 1 certifications in Colorado.


12:45-Meeting Chris Sommer of Gymnastic Bodies


13:07-”A big scope of everything but that’s how you become a better coach.”


14:00-Utilizing lateral movement in track and field which is an anterior moving sport.


15:20-You can’t have your ankle up, it throws everything else off.


17:00-Should you train the hamstring all year around when it comes to track and field?


19:10-Utilization of body weight movements and using all these exercises to reduce injury rates with each group.


21:52-Mixed parameters, mixed results, injured kid.  You must get your weight room work and your practice/training work to match up.


23:10-Working at the cellular and tissue levels in the weight room and not just pushing big weights. There is more to it than that.


26:00-Balancing the strength workout to not repeat what they just did at practice but be able to still improve the athlete.


27:50-Freshman for the first 6 weeks just learning.  Doing bodyweight and med balls.


29:38-And we shut that place down…..and then we were back.


30:10-Dexa Scans vs. the BodPod.  How to utilize it in monitoring the athletes moving forward.


32:25-Lifting the girls right up until big competitions to help keep hormone levels high and strength up.


33:00-Some of Coach John’s mentors and connections along the wall.

    Olympic Weightlifting

    -Mike Gattone

    -Roger Neilson

    -Jeff Macy: Oregon State S&C

    -Al Vermeil: Chicago Bulls

    -Eric Helland: University of Wisconsin Director of S&C

    Power Lifting

    -Mark Rippetoe

    -Mark Reynolds

    -Louie Simmons


    -Yoshi Hayasaki: University of Illinois

    Track & Field

    -Cliff Rovelto

    -Boo Schexnayder

    -Gary Winkler

    -Dan Pfaff: Altis

    -Vern Gambetta


37:20-Getting into the practical side of everything and not just wanting to a book to teach you everything.  You have to actually do it.


38:05-Training kids in movement but also having them play games so it becomes a mental practice as well and helps put it all together.


41:05-Egos in the field of strength and conditioning and athletics and it comes back to it’s how do you help the kid.


41:45-Wise words for up and coming strength and conditioning professionals.


44:10-Programming and adjusting.  “Coaching is an Art.”


45:16-Recommendations to the everyday athlete.


46:59-If you’re going to do it, share it.


48:15-The Clinically Pressed Questions


48:22-Something that you believe in that others may not?



48:33-Top 3 take home tips or the ‘ask’ for our audience.

    -Get a massage

    -More people need to laugh and have fun.


50:15-Influential fitness purchase for under $100 or less?

    -Super sliders ~$10 for almost any exercise you could possibly think up.


51:06-Book recommendations.

    -Any of Mark Rippetoe’s books

    -Fred Dick

    -Tudor Bompa

    -Alexey Medvedev

    -R. A. Roman


51:42-What would you go back and tell yourself in your education or training if you could go back to the beginning?

    -Take better notes of what I learned.  Forgot more than most people learn.

52:34-Let the credits roll.

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