In this insight we take a look at a couple of the ways you can lose ankle mobility and why it might not be as easy as just having tight calves.  We also go into how you go look to fix these restrictions yourself with out having to have someone dig there hand into your talus.   VIDEO        Resources:     MWOD 1      MWOD 2     Cal Dietz

In this Insight Dr. Kyle Boland breaks down exactly what we are referring to when we talk about the core.  There is a lot of different information out there on that the core is and how to train it and we start with the basics here and give a full view of it and also start talking about how to use its full potential.  VIDEO

In this Insight we follow Paul Schecklman as he goes through some testing in the UWL HPL.  He gets his resting energy expenditure tested along with his body composition.  AJ explains what all is happening with the test and also how we can use that information to help enhance Paul's performance.  VIDEO

Cait is a DPT in La Crosse and works out of the La Cross Wellness Center.  Among the many things she does dry needling is one of them and in this insight she demonstrates on AJ how it can help release tightness within muscles.  If you have ever had a spot you can't seem to reach, give her a call, she can.  VIDEO

Dan is a human performance coach that thinks outside the box but it is all based on what is most effective.  In this insight he demonstrates ARP Wave therapy to help correct AJ's problems with his hip/quad.  The results are very interesting (and also very entertaining).  Check out how it all works in this Insight. VIDEO

The hamstrings seem to get blamed for a lot of problems that you can have with your body.  Tight hamstrings have long been thought to cause low back pain but is it really their fault?  We talk about that in this Insight and what other things you might want to take a look at and not just your hamstrings. VIDEO

If you've had some dull and aching pain through your neck/shoulder/arm at any point or if it all just seems really tight this is a great basic move you can use to help loosen it all up.  It is a simple move that is highly customizable depending on how you are feeling and yet highly effective.  VIDEO.

Cold and Flu season is in full effect and most of us don't have time to get put out of commission for a week.  We talk about some ideas to fight off colds and maybe even prevent them to start with.  While we are talking about it all with a cold we will think the information applies greatly. Stay healthy.  VIDEO.


Strength and control through the external rotators of the hips and shoulders is something that we lose over the course of time due to many factors. When you revisit it again and see how it is a natural movement that an infant naturally learns and performs it makes you realize just how powerful being effective in this range is.  VIDEO.