Our 'clinical' section emcompasses everything.  Here you will find interviews with physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, researchers and other healthcare (I took the space out of healthcare) professionals.  Topics will range from treatment options, health on a larger scale and research that is currently going on in labs around the country.


You will also find our 'round table' discussions between the CP crew addressing many of the topics that are current in the health, wellness and performance world, as well as subjects that are misconceived or slightly misleading.  These topics will be wide-ranging and undoubtedly humor filled (we can't keep a straight face) as we explore the challenges people are often faced with in their daily lives and how you can optimize your own health and wellness.

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Corey put out so much knowledge in this episode.  It wasn't even all just how to improve patient health and treatments (there was plenty of that) but how to build something bigger.  He also had some phenomenal insights into starting a new career and how to go about running and building that career.  This is a great episode we enjoy rewatching. EPISODE

Cait was one of the original creators of Dynamic Physiotherapy and has brought 'pay for service' physical therapy to the Coulee Region.  She is a constant learner and is always striving to take her knowledge and practice to the next level.  She has some great insights into health and movement as well as life and how she has been able to achieve balance with a growing business and family. EPISODE

TJ is a chiropractor in Kansas City and instructor for Active Release Techniques. He has worked with the University of Kansas Track Team and is continuing to work as the team chiropractor for the Kansas City Chiefs.  He introduced Joel not only to chiropractic and working alongside them but also to ART and the power it had to fix so many soft tissue injuries.  Great episode if you're looking for ideas to help fix any soft tissue injuries. EPISODE