Ep. 29: Tom Farrell-Chariots of Farrell

Tom is a Nike running athlete who has competed on the highest levels of track and field, including world championships in China and the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  Before all of that Tom was a student-athletes at Oklahoma State University where he was able to take his training to the next level and set him on the course he is on.

In this episode we talk all about his story coming up as a runner and how he ended up in Stillwater Oklahoma. Tom has always been very in touch with his training and always looking for what can help take him to the next level.  We talk treatment, rehab, nutrition, training styles and advice he would give up and coming runners.  If you are a runner in any capacity this is a great episode to check out.


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Show Notes:

0:00-Introduction to this episodes


0:57-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media” Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com

1:36-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed and Tom Farrell


2:20-Some background information on Tom Farrell


3:18-How Tom ended up picking Oklahoma State for school and running.


4:28-How the NCAA system helped out Tom and the whole staff at Oklahoma State.


4:49-Sorry for the cut out.  On to Coach Mark Rowland of the Nike Elite Team.


6:24-Reliving the 2012 NCAA Cross Country National Championships (shout out to Clay Billman and Louisville)


8:50-Working through a really poorly timed injury in 2012 and how Tom worked his way back and didn’t let it stop him.


13:20-Getting back into training and not having things click like they had before and having it come together at Big 12 Cross Country Championships.


13:55-Sorry for the cut out again


14:40-Being injury free since that stress fracture.


16:00-Transition from college athlete to professional athlete.


17:04-Not being bored with not having anything else to do and Tom loves it.


18:47-Have you noticed a lot of changes with your nutrition and how that has affected your training and recovery?


19:44-Looking at actually mapping meals and not just trying to “eat healthy” to optimize performance.


20:21-How many race events are done in a year (10-15 typically)


21:30-The World Championships in London.


21:50-How has your training style evolved in the pro ranks compared to OSU?


22:50-Not focusing so much on running fast and getting more mileage but just running for recovery and also maintaining heart rate zones.


23:45-The testing that happens 2-3x a year to gauge progress and performance.


25:40-How is the training cycle in Albuquerque going?  How is it training at altitude?


28:18-Is there a difference in coming down from the altitude?  Do you notice it?


29:43-Going from the desert back to Eugene and all the green that is there.


30:35-Talking about the importance of having the ‘training camp’ mindset.


31:05-Kyle’s run in Breckenridge and how well that didn’t go.


32:48-Where are Tom’s favorite places to race both indoor and outdoor?


34:58-Going to Fayetteville and talking to John McDonnell, the legendary Razorback track coach.


37:00-What are the biggest mistakes you see in high school/college runners as they are getting more serious about running?


39:58-Go into the new situations and training relaxed and let it happen for you.


41:52-Transitioning from the college to the pro scene.  Tom’s advice “Let it happen and don’t force it.”


43:18-College kids ‘squeezing’ too much to maximize ability before it is ready to happen.


44:41-Kids…..don’t use Web MD….it only is going to bring you trouble.


45:10-Tom’s story of Web MD and the potential femoral stress fracture.


The Clinically Pressed Questions


47:13-What is something you believe in but others may not?

-As much as running is a skill and training and planning it is also a massive gamble.  It is a risk at how much and how far you push your body to reach the highest level.


50:24-”Happy cows produce good milk.  But happy runners run fast.” -Dave Smith


50:48-What ‘fitness’ related purchase has been most influential in your life?

    -Heart rate monitor

    -Mobility Tools (softballs, lacrosse balls, golf balls, stretch ropes, bands)


52:15-Book Recommendations

    -Bounce: Matthew Syed

    -Blackbox Thinking: Matthew Syed

    -BBC Five Live (Podcast)


55:43-How would you make running simple?

    -”One foot in front of the other.”


57:18-If you could go back 5-10 years and tell yourself something about your training, what would it be?

    -Quoting his Dad, “Whatever happens today isn’t going to change your life.”

    -Enjoy the process.


59:23-In closing.

    Twitter: @tomfarrellGB

    Instagram: @tomfarrell1

    Facebook: Tom Farrell

    -Feel free to contact Tom, he is all for it.


1.01:50-And let the credits roll.

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