Ep. 62: CBD Oil-Paragon Recovery



CBD Oil has taken the health and wellness industry by storm. You can can find it everywhere. Our friends at Paragon Recovery decided to get in the game and do CBD Oil right. That includes doing their very own distillation of it to make sure it is as pure as you can get it (check out their Instagram). 

We sat down with Paul Schecklman to discuss what exactly CBD Oil is and how it can benefit you in your recovery. We get deep into some of the uses for it and exactly how it is working with your body to provide benefits that the industry is just starting to understand. If you have questions on it, this is a great resource to start with.


Show Notes:

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1:36-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


2:12-Welcome to this episode with Paul Schecklman of Paragon Recovery


3:40-Eamon Coyne COO of Paragon Recovery, check out our episode with Eamon Coyne.


6:00-Shifting a focus from performance and recovery just to recovery. How that process has been.


9:40-Jim Stoppani talking at UWL and the search for quality bulk ingredient producers.


12:16-DYK that Wisconsin used to be the second leading producer of hemp in the United States.


16:05-Harvesting hemp is not a quick process. Can take a full team up to 6 months to harvest an acre.


19:20-CrossFit’s legal team going after hidden money and federal agencies.


21:00-Looking at healthcare salaries. TAT: What’s Wrong with Healthcare?


22:45-Breakdown of Board Certified Physicians


25:10-Endocannabinoid system


29:50-Getting back to primal instincts and finding a happy balance between that and modern life.


33:20-Can you get too much CBD? Does it mess with the bodies natural abilities?


35:13-CBD Old Fashioned, in Wisconsin.


36:00-CBD and Coffee is actually a good combination.


39:32-There is NO quick fix. It all takes time.


42:00-What does Paul S. know about CBD for animals (mainly dogs, like the high anxiety one at Joel’s house)

    LINK: Wags and Weights


47:00-Reducing EMFs in your life.


51:55-Cell phone proximity to groin and sperm count.


54:05-Find phone cases that can lower the amount of EMFs from your phone. LINK: EMFs


59:00-Use a chest freezer to turn it into a cold bath. Or get into the shower and get cold with 30 breaths.


59:53-Comfort is the disease of civilization.


1.03:00-WOOP Band and FitBit to compete on sleep. Yes, compete on how well they can sleep.


1.06:40-Sleep and the effect on training and performance.


1.10:05-There are only so many people that can actually operate on 5 hours of sleep.


1.12:30-Blue Light Blocking Glasses


1.15:15-CBD by Paragon Recovery out in March.


1.21:00-The opioid crisis and what different options can do for you.



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1.23:28-Let the credits roll.


Kyle with the outro.


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