Chiropractic & Massage

Taking care of your body is one of the most important things you can do for you health. Often times you need to turn to a professional in order to help deal with the wear and tear we put our body through on a regular basis. these episodes feature some great professional that talk about the importance of the work they do and how it can benefit your body and ultimately your health.  We also look at other area of their specialty they can help with.

Ep. 5: Holly Hanson-Hands on Health

Holly is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in the state of Wisconsin. She runs her own business, Hands on Health, and works out of Coulee Health with our own Dr. Boland. 

In this episode we break down everything around soft tissue work. We talk about what fascia is, how it works, what are adhesions and knots in your back. We also cover what you can do on your own and who you should see in order to help correct those problems before it gets to be too late. Lots of take home tips in this one. Enjoy.


-CP Crew

Ep. 11: Erica Boland DC-Changing the World (One Pelvic Floor at a Time

Erica Boland DC is a mother of four (boys), a doula and a chiropractor who's passion is to help women with anything related to birth. She is the regional director of B!rthF!t and runs courses all over the Coulee Region and the country. She also happens to be the wife of our own Kyle Boland.


This episode covers all kinds of things from what she does with B!rthF!t and how her and Kyle manage everything that is their life and work. This episode is filled with great information and some great resources on help that is available out there. Enjoy.

-CP Crew

Ep. 25: Kyle Rogers-Walking Well Massage

We come back to you in this episode from our trip to Lawrence, KS for the NCAA West Regional Championships. Joel got to catch up with Kyle Rogers and AJ and Kyle got to listen to him for the first time. Kyle is a massage therapist but his story on how he got there is definitely unique and just shows how we can take the strangest ways to get to where we are.

We talk all things massage. From technique to some of the fringe areas of the profession but can make a huge difference. Kyle focuses not only on performance of the client but their total health and wellness. This is a great episode, full of a lot of ideas and things to think about.

-CP Crew