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Ep. 46: How to Eat Like an Athlete

Fueling your body as a competitive athlete can be much harder than it looks.  We often times see the biggest issue come up with under consuming and when that it happens it tends to be by a lot.  In this round table discussion we talk about the biggest issues we have seen with competitive athlete nutrition.  How do you know how many calories to consume on a daily basis?  Should it be a specific breakdown of macro-nutrients?

Dr. Jagim gives a full scale picture of what it takes to make sure you're at the top level of your nutrition to help with recovery and performance.



Show Notes:


Ep. 46: How to Eat Like an Athlete


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1:03-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


1:40-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed and the gang being back together again.


2:57-More information/episode coming on why we missed AJ for so long.


3:38-Shout out Palm + Pine for a retreat.


4:40-What is the best option to figure out what your energy needs are?


5:03-A majority of athletes at a high level are most likely under consuming calories.


6:05-SuppVersity Recap of calculating REE via equation


6:30-More accurate in athletes: the Cunningham Equation (taking into account body fat)


7:15-Delorenza REE calculation (bodyweight, no body composition)


9:05-Taking into account activity level as well.


11:11-Episode: Run Borst Run and switching to a high fat diet.


12:15-Getting close to actual energy needs and then cleaning up the diet.


14:57-Why is it that most people come in so far under their needs?  Like up to 1000 calories.


17:03-Changing the thought process on protein drinks after a workout from a muscle builder to a muscle recovery drink.


18:38-Episode: Kevin Schultz  (what’s up buddy)


18:52-Don’t forget SLEEP!!!


21:24-Knowing when to drink your protein and calories and how it works into your daily energy needs.


22:38-What does a typical macronutrient percentage breakdown look like?

    Also, how about the actual numbers?


24:00-Review: How much protein can your body handle in one serving?


25:32-Taking into account in peoples food preferences.


28:11-How food tracking plays into everything when it comes to breaking it all down with energy and what you should eat.


31:45-80/20 rule-80% solid good whole food, 20% get your fix.


32:20-Gaining weight without enough calories and metabolic syndrome.

    LINK: Precision Nutrition Article


33:22-Not possible to not eat enough and gain weight but it is possible to not eat enough and gain fat.


34:32-Body Recomposition 101 coming soon (we think)


36:30-A case study on an athlete that is probably under consuming.


39:32-JISSN: Metabolic Adaptation


40;33-Reverse Dieting via Layne Norton (not refeeding as mentioned in the episode)


43:12-All the different circumstances take slightly different plans of action.


46:30-We actually do the SHOW NOTES!

47:20-Supplements and where they fit in to the whole picture (a brief overview)


48:55-And let the credits roll.


49:15-AJ with the outro.