Ep. 48: Catching up with Andy Askow

Andy Askow was our first interview on Clinically Pressed and it has been all downhill from there.  We have had the fortune to get to know Andy and follow him career through powerlifting and academics.  Now with Andy back up north to hang out for the weekend we wanted to sit down and have a conversation to see where he is at, where he is going and what the future has in store.

Andy has made a lot of transitions both in the sport of lifting heavy weights as well as having new goals in school and in research.  Big things happening and you can catch up on it all in this conversation we had with Andy Askow.



Show Notes:

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1:53-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed and catching up with Andy Askow.


2:55-Not a lot of time to train as a grad student, especially in the change to weightlifting.


4:10-The change in techniques you have to learn and imposing his will on the bar.


6:37-Training around a busy schedule and holding on to the total strength he has built up.


7:12-Blue Wave Fitness: Covers all your training needs.


10:12-Working on mobility and in particular some shoulder issues with all the overhead movements.


11:40-Working on mobility through performing the movements with proper patterns.


12:30-Gymnastics and Gymnastic Bodies for bodyweight strength and mobility.


15:30-A recap of Andy’s first weightlifting meet and the goal of the 2020 Olympics.


17:20-The busy summer as a researcher (nerd)


18:50-Have you taken things that you’ve learned in grad school and applied it to your training?


20:40-As it probably should be the answer is usually “it depends”.


23:50-As you learn more the more you realize that you don’t know.


24:17-Thank you Greengrass Cafe.

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