Ep. 2: Andy Askow-Powerlifter

This is Episode 2 of Clinically Pressed and our first interview and we are very excited about it.  Today we have Andy Askow who is a UWL undergrad student, a world record and world champion powerlifter.  We talk to him all about powerlifting and his journey to where he is currently and also where he is going in the future.  Great bits of information in this episode and also pretty entertaining.  Check out our 'Performance Insight' in the episode.



-CP Crew



Show Notes:


CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:00-Introduction to Episode and Andy reveals his powerlifting secrets.


0:12-CP Intro Video


0:49-Welcome to Clinically Pressed and the first interview episode


1:04-What could AJ hold a world record in?  Comment below.


1:09-Meet Andy Askow: UWL Undergrad, IPF competitor, world record holder and champion

World Record Squat- 340.5kg/751lbs

IPF Champ Numbers-858kg total (~1887.6 pounds) Bench: 217.5kg/479.5lbs  Deadlift:  300kg/ 661.4lbs


1:51-How did Andy get started?


2:52-A natural.  Wrestling during powerlifting season and then able to jump right in.


3:43-Celebrity on Campus

-UW-La Crosse student hoping to break powerlifting world record

           -UW-La Crosse student prepares for World Powerlifting Championships

           -UW-La Crosse student breaks powerlifting world record


4:10-Shout out to the camera guy-Dan


4:34-Raw powerlifting vs. Single-Ply Powerlifting


7:02- “Fat guy in a little coat


7:45- “The Ultimate Change in Body Composition” (Article)


8:00-Experience in the UWL Human Performance Lab


8:27-New show idea: “Barbells and Beards & Joel”


9:23-Figuring out how much he was under-eating and he was surprised.  Andy was down about 2000 kcals a day compared to what he needed.


11:15-The Arnold Classic coming up.  Goal: 3 world records: Squat, bench, total


13:03-Thoughts on Programing


13:22- ‘Performance Insight’-The Squat


22:37-We are back and now onto programming.


23:48-Andy’s Training

3 Days-Squat/Bench

2 Days-Deadlift

M: Heavy Bench w/ Medium Squat

T: Opposite style Deadlift

W: Heavy Squat w/ Volume Bench (close grip)

Th: Heavy Deadlifts

F: Medium Bench w/ Volume Squat (nothing heavy)

-Little to no accessory work.


25:44-Strength is sports specific no matter what.


26:30-The barbell is the best that you can do, especially in powerlifting.  Getting comfortable when you feel like crap and are tired.


27:11-Nutrient timing and how you incorporate that.

-Constant sources of protein


28:15-Apologies for the sound quality for a few seconds here.


28:45-Go to foods.  It used to be McDonalds (cut back now).  FairLife Skim Milk (13g protein and very low fat and carb) 3-4 servings


29:32-Organic Valley FUEL.  Tastes like ice cream and has great ‘macros’


30:17-Where are the smart people?

-Layne Norton


31:55-Andy’s business and coaching. Askow Athletics.

-High school’s powerlifting team.  Number 1 ranked women’s team.

-”Raise the Bar”  Lift Heroic.


34:15-Recommendations for the “average joe lifter”


35:58-Free weights vs. cardio equipment and machines.


36:30-Injury possibilities with free weights.  But you can hurt yourself anywhere so why stress out with using a barbell.


38:23-Getting the most benefit out of using a barbell.  More force production and greater range of motion.


39:24-Askow Athletics Intro Video


39:53-It’s true, Andy is our first guest.


39:59-What suggestions would you give to someone trying to be world class at anything?


42:10-What would be some take home tips or the twitter version that you would pass along.

-Get under a barbell at least 3 days a week.


45:12-Box squats, even chair squats to just get started.  Don’t worry about the weight


45:27-What would be your most influential performance purchase for under $100?

-Membership to federation for powerlifting.  International Powerlifting Federation


47:17-What information would you tell yourself if you could go back 4-5 years?

-Freshman year of college: Listen to everything but question everything.


49:09-Where can people find you?

-Twitter: @askowathletics

-Instagram: @askowathletics

-Facebook: www.facebook.com/askowathletics

-Youtube: Askow Athletics




50:05-Shenanigans…..and hoping Joel didn’t screw it all up.




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