Ep. 13: Andy Askow-2X World Champion

This is our follow up interview with Andy Askow who is now a 2 time (I said 2 time) World Champion.  We sit down at Greengrass Cafe over breakfast and talk about how the meet went, his thoughts on training and what he will do moving forward. 

We also discuss the NSCA convention that both Andy and AJ atteneded.  Also a new hot button topic is drug testing in sports and all the positives that are coming out in the recent past.  Check it out for some great information and some great out takes. 


-CP Pod Squad

Show Notes:


0:00-Andy does not have any fat...he explains.


0:10-CP Intro Video: Courtesy of Justin Joy of “Elder Pine Media”  Contact: elderpinemedia@gmail.com


0:48-Welcome to this episode of Clinically Pressed and 2x World Champion Andy Asko


1:12-Thank you to Greengrass Cafe


1:30-How were the world championships and a summary of how it all went.


3:33-Pursuing interpretive dance?


4:02-National meet coming up in October.


6:25-Doesn’t get nervous when coming out of squats.


6:47-A continuing verson of the “Askow Frequency Project” for nationals.


7:47-Premier of SBD belt at World’s.


8:36-How were NSCA’s for both AJ and Andy?


9:50-Biggest trends in sports science and monitoring.


11:44-Bottom line with monitoring, is there performance going up or down?


14:12-Drug testing in sports and how it is in powerlifting?


16:48-Some of the sketchiness of drug testing and the policies behind it.


19:00-Therapeutic use exemptions


22:15-Corruption within countries and are urine tests actually the best way to test for all these drugs?


25:40-Powerlifting moving into the Olympics?


26:55-Changes to powerlifting to help regiment it and improve the overall sport.


27:56-Is there a ‘peak’ for powerlifting?


29:32-Andy should have taken AJ’s advice in New Orleans….learned the hard way.


30:52-The future of blood testing in the world of sports drug testing.


32:34-A preview of Andy and AJ’s new research project and the story behind it.


36:37-Andy trying to burn bridges.


37:45-And that wraps it up.


37:49-Let the credits roll.



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